When I started dancing in October 1994, at the age of 19 I weighed 142lbs. Standing 5'4" my stats were considered 'average' (and healthy). Sure I may have been healthy and my weight was average by societies standards, but would I have still been healthy and average in another 10 years, and did I want to be "average?" From exotic dancing alone, I lost 35 pounds and in Jan 1995 I was 108 pounds. This is when I made a choice to join a gym and shape my body. More than 20 years have now past and I have competed in over 24 dance, figure, fitness and bikini competitions. Having placed 1st at the Canadian Figure & Fitness Nationals, I know how to build muscle, lose weight and tone my body. Today, I would like to help you get started on your transformation.

BEFORE - 1994

AFTER - 2015

AFTER - 2015

Personal Training with Fawnia

Location: Las Vegas, NV. USA
Rates: $130/hour or online training: $495./ month. 
Specialty: General Fitness, Competition, Nutrition & Supplementation
Gym Affiliation: Pole Fitness Studio, City Athletic Club


Fitness is a lifestyle for me and when working with clients I educate and encourage them to bring some form of fitness into their life every day. From weight training, to walking with a friend in the fresh outdoors, everyone does have the equipment they need to be fit and healthy. This equipment is your mind. Together, with our mental strength we'll set goals and work at achieving them one step at a time. Staying fit is about more then your appearance, it's also about cardio health, and I will work with you to improve both so you get the most out of life.

Outlook of Fitness Industry

Being consistent with your eating plan, workouts and getting adequate rest is when you will reach your long term goals. Many people are committed to watching 3 hours of television a day, or making a stop for fast food, and wonder why they have no energy and can't loose weight. Those who want to improve their health and appearance, are committed to a lifestyle that will result in having a greater appreciation for life.

Training Philosophy

I start by getting to know the clients health history, and what their goals are. We set attainable mini goals which will keep the client motivated. Nutrition accounts for about 80% of how we look and feel so I evaluate the clients current diet, and include what I can from their food choices into an eating plan they will enjoy. Weight training and cardio are the two other major elements for overall health, and I include both into my programs.


Fit Body - $350 / Assessment, Training Program Design and Consultation

  • Assessment: Send me photos of you to evaluate your physique. Photos should be of you in a bikini / thong. Shoot full body front, side and from the back. Include a face shot. Send me a record of what you have been eating for three days. I would like to know what, when and how much you are eating and drinking. 
  • Training Program Design: Fill out the Health History & Goals Form and I will have a better understanding of where you are currently at physically, and where you would like to see yourself. 
  • Consultation: Based on your current condition and goals, I can help you tune up your current eating plan, give you a workout program, and provide encouragement along the way as you get Fit Body you want. Programs are emailed. An unlimited number of consultations are available while you are on the program, and paying monthly.

I know that you can reach your goals, and I will do what I can to provide the support you may need as you make this courageous step. Contact me to get information on beginning your fitness program with the Fit Body Package, making your dreams a reality!