In January 2017 I became Vegan.

 My transition started in November 2016, as I learned about brutal slaughter houses and the unnecessary torture animals experience every day. I also learned that we don't need animal protein to be healthy, have enough energy, or to get stronger.  My knowledge as a bodybuilder for over 10 years, did not hold as much truth as I thought.

Since November '16, I cut out all beef, then next I said "no more" to killing chickens and removed all dairy. Next was fish and lastly eggs. I am not only making a difference in saving these innocent helpless animals lives, I am kinder to the environment, my body and my wallet! I've lost weight and being Vegan costs about 40% less. Wanna experience veganism with me? I wrote up an example of my daily diet to help you get started. 

Meal 1

A)  Oatmeal and vanilla vegan protein power, (add cinnamon and stevia to taste) blueberries, coconut oil OR

B)   Cereal with almond/cashew milk, blueberries OR

C)   Seed Bread with Tahini or Nut Butter or Coconut Butter

Coffee w almond creamer and stevia  

Meal 2

A)  Lara bar and apple OR

B)   Banana and mix of almonds and cashews OR

C)   Milk alternative yogurt with fruit or gluten free granola

Meal 3

A)  Humus and Veggie wrap or pita bread and humus. OR

B)   Mexican salad with quinoa, kale, salsa, black beans, tomatoes, cheese alternative or vegan sour cream OR

C)   Avocado toast

Meal 4

A)  Massive salad, with cooked spring onions, mushrooms, garlic, sautéed spinach, w nutritional flakes sprinkled on top (from Heath food grocery store) OR

B)   Potato / sweet potato, asparagus, broccoli with veggie burger and tahini dressing OR

C)   Vegan enchiladas or Veggie Stir Fry/Curry with quinoa/buckwheat or rice noodles and add a meat alternative (Tofu, Gardein, or Beyond Meat) OR

D)  Veggie Chili 

Living as a Vegan is compassionate to both the animals and my soul. I would never personally shoot a cow in the head, chop off pigs tails or cut off the beaks from a baby bird, which are just a few of the brutal acts happening every day. Now I fully am removed from another person doing this on my behalf.  I am no longer in denial that animals are suffering. Being Vegan means I have decided to live a lifestyle that does not support animal exploitation.

Try Veganism for 22 days

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